Once accepted by Charityvest, contributions are unconditional and irrevocable. Contributions and any future related earnings are no longer the property of the donor; they are owned by Charityvest and will be used solely for charitable purposes. For this reason, when contributing, the donor cannot impose any restrictions or conditions that prevent Charityvest from freely and effectively using the gift to further its mission.

Charityvest reviews all contributions prior to acceptance and reserves the right to reject any contribution for any reason. If unacceptable assets are delivered to Charityvest, we will return them.

Online contributions and minimums

Cash contributions may be initiated online via bank transfer at Charityvest.org. Our contribution process is simple and straightforward. Charityvest currently accepts online contributions of $20 or more.

Offline contributions and appreciated assets

In certain circumstances, Charityvest can accept offline contributions to your Charityvest account. We will assist you in making such a contribution, and will reflect the balance in your account once the offline contribution process is complete. This can include publicly-traded appreciated securities. To inquire about offline contributions, contact us at support@charityvest.org.

Please note that offline contributions may incur fees at your origin financial institution. Charityvest reserves the right to charge fees to your personal charitable giving fund balance to offset any costs it may incur in processing your offline contribution.

Employer matching

Your employer may offer a matching charitable gift program. Charityvest can accept matching gift contributions from your employer to your Charityvest fund.

Because of the complexity of each company’s unique matching gift program, Charityvest does not complete paperwork for the matching gift on behalf of the donor, company, or receiving nonprofit organizations, unless pre-arranged with Charityvest. Donors must submit the matching gift request through their respective employers.

Contribution confirmation

When the contribution process is complete, Charityvest will send you a substantiation letter via email for official tax reporting purposes. The substantiation letter will include the value of the cash contribution.

Additionally, you will receive a summary of all tax-deductible contributions to Charityvest at the end of each tax year, for simplicity of tax filing and reporting.

A full summary of your tax-deductible contributions for any given tax year is available on your fund activity on Charityvest.org.

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